Oh look at that, the first month of the new year is almost behind us. Last month, we had great books coming out.

But in the second month of the year. The "be my valentine" month, we again have a couple of amazing romance authors launching their new book.

All books are in the romance category, but can have various sub genres.

Along with details, you’ll be able to read the book blurb, learn about the author, and have easily accessible links to add these books to your TBR list.

Enjoy! (If you love this, please comment below so I know to continue this type of content for you.)




TITLE: All I Ever Needed: A Small Town, Grumpy Sunshine, Valentine's Novella (All I Ever Duet Book 2)

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 8, 2022


Small Town, Grumpy Sunshine, Holiday Romance, Valentine's Romance.



I’ve lived in Foxtail Ridge my entire life and I love everything about it. Okay, almost everything. The one thing I don’t love? The dating scene—it’s almost non-existent. But I’m not worried, because I’m not looking for love. Between helping my sister Kelsie with her bed & breakfast and playing Cupid, I’ve got my hands full. But little do I know, fate has a little something in store for me. And it comes when I least expect it.


Stacy Kristen is an indie author who writes contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense novellas with HEAs for readers who just want a short, steamy read. She's an avid reader of romance and enjoys baking, drinking lots of caffeine, traveling, and laughing at the squirrels in her backyard.




TITLE: Lawsuit and Leather

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

PUBLICATION DATE: February 22, 2022


*** A slow-burn, angsty, love triangle between childhood best friends and Hollywood's baddest boy in the city.

He loved me like a sister, and that alone made me want to die. Parker Jones was not only New York's fiercest lawyer, but my childhood best friend and truest love. Moving in together was supposed to be a dream come true, but doing so because my business failed was a nightmare.

Out of options—both with love and money— my future depended on the most important interview of my life. Never could I have expected how missing that single opportunity could land me in the lap of Hollywood's baddest boy, Alex Rivers.

Arrogantly persistent and devilishly handsome, Alex was determined to break through my walls and grant me the chance to follow my dreams as a fashion designer.

But the closer I got to Alex, the more Parker began to change. Once only a friend, Parker had now turned completely protective and stubbornly jealous, blurring the lines of what we once were.

All I wanted was a chance to start fresh, but being caught between two protective alphas had changed it all, both with their hidden secrets and untold desires.

What will happen when Hollywood's biggest star and New York's most vicious lawyer fight for the same woman? Every battle needs a winner, but who can win when a heart has to break?

*Recommended for readers who are eighteen and up.


Vivian Mae is an up and coming Latina indie author, living out of Phoenix, AZ who writes sexy contemporary romance for her naughty readers. She’s written a number of pieces and was recently published in “A Short Book of Short Stories”, featuring her addition entitled: Love at First Disaster. She is married to her best friend, fulfilling her own trope of best friends to lovers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her laughing alongside her husband, binging trashy T.V., sneaking chocolates, reading her favorite naughty novels, and dreaming about pizza and wine.




TITLE: Broken Dove

GENRE: Contemporary romance. Friends-to-lovers, motorcycle club romance

PUBLISHING DATE: February 15, 2022


A simple arrangement. A complicated future.

Lia Dove has always been a free spirit, living life to the fullest and never putting down roots. But after finding her birth father, along with a group of lovable, rowdy bikers, she can’t imagine being anywhere else. Throw in a hot biker roommate who offers her no-strings-attached deal as the cherry on top and leaving becomes an afterthought.

Leo Hawk has never felt part of anything until he becomes a prospect in a local motorcycle club. But catching feelings for his roommate, who’s also the club president’s daughter, could spell disaster before he earns his patch.

But when the past comes back to haunt him thanks to his missing older brother, Leo will have to lean on his biker brothers for help, risking a future with the club and the woman he’s grown to love.

Broken Dove is an interconnected standalone friends-to-lovers, motorcycle club romance, but can be read and enjoyed alone.


TITLE: A Wild Card Kiss

GENRE: Sports Romance

PUBLICATION DATE: February 25, 2022


A sexy standalone romance between a single dad athlete and the woman who got away!

Things that suck on my wedding day -- walking in on my groom kissing another woman twenty minutes before the ceremony.

Things that suck worse? The woman he’s kissing is my mom.

I head straight for the bowling alley bar down the street and ask for a double. And in walks a deliciously charming local football hero -- Harlan Taylor.

Yes, I’ll take another drink in the form of a one-night stand with this hunk of a man. In the morning, he asks if I want to get together again. More rebound nookie? Yes please!

But then I learn his football team just hired my yoga studio to teach downward facing dog to their star player, making my O-delivering hottie officially off limits.

Trouble is, the more time I spend working with the sexy single dad who dotes on his daughter, the more I’m feeling all the things far too soon.

There’s no way this can end well, but tell that to my runaway heart…

A Wild Card Kiss is a sexy, flirty sports romance featuring a charming, pie-baking, single dad who's never forgotten the red-hot kiss he planted on the feisty, sassy blonde one night years ago and a jilted bride heroine determined to move on from heartbreak. This story contains sexy times that can cure getting-left-at-the-altar blues, and heart-tugging swoony romance that’ll melt the most jaded hearts.


Which one are you buying or adding to your TBR?

Marlyn Love is a vibrant author who writes adult, heartfelt, sexy, contemporary romance stories. Her debut novel, Simply Irresistible, came out on September 10th, 2021. And readers love it. Her second standalone novel in the series is coming out on April 5th, 2022.

The Irresistible book series contain simply page turning books with sometimes twists you didn't expect, but always a HEA.

Marlyn writes from her home in the Netherlands. The country of mills, tulips, and the state that has more bicycles than citizens. When her mind and body need to release energy, she loves to hit the gym for a good workout. To fuel her energy, she enjoys eating a typical Dutch snack—a slice of brown bread with butter, topped with a layer of chocolate sprinkles.



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