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Welcome to the first edition of this romance blog.

I'm so excited to share this with you. This is the first blog and because of that, I've made this a double edition.

The first part will feature books that just released in NOVEMBER, 2021. And the second part are books that will be released in the month of caroling, eating, family and presents.

With this list, you'll have permission to be kind to yourself and satisfy your inner book addict by getting your hands on one of these books. Or use it to grow your TBR list, and find new authors to follow.

All books are in the romance category but might have different genre.

Along with details, you’ll be able to read the book blurb, learn about the author, and have easily accessible links for more info.

Note: If you like this or you have any suggestions about what you like to see in this blog, let me know.




GENRE: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 9, 2021


Brooke Baxter is living it up in the city of Chicago, not looking for love, but definitely open to it. Meeting her best friend's nemesis throws her for a loop. She wants to stay loyal to the friendship, but she also wants to explore her attraction to the man she's banned from speaking to.

Ridge Montgomery is done with women, at least for now. Meeting his employee's best friend changes his mind. The inexplicable connection he feels with Brooke doesn't make any sense. Relationship hopping is not his thing, yet here he is. Taking a risk has never felt this good.

***This story has heart, humor and lots of heat that's intended for readers who are 18 or older***

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 18, 2021


Miranda Bryant is not looking for a permanent relationship, and she already knows that kids are not in her future. She is happy to spend her free time with her cat and hang out with her friends.

Jackson Pitt loves being a single dad but is not opposed to finding a life partner who would love his daughter as much as he does.

Emmy Pitt is an almost four-year-old little girl who just wants a cat. And a mommy.

***This story has heart, humor and lots of heat that's intended for readers who are 18 or older***


Andie Bale lives in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), Michigan, with her husband, daughter and awesome four-legged baby. Her love of reading started at a young age when sneaking her mother's romance books to read was the highlight of her day. Now, she is beyond grateful and excited to be able to bring the characters in her head to life.





GENRE: Romantic Suspense

PUBLICATION DATE: November 16, 2021


Nia Alexander is leaving the costume rooms of Hollywood in her rear view mirror and taking her son across the country for a fresh start and a white Christmas. She’s also hoping to leave behind the threats from the jerk who didn’t want to hear the word No.

Jaz LaChance is never going back to the limelight. It’s been almost a decade since his photos were splashed in magazines and on billboards. Funding new businesses in Bloo Moose is better. Until Nia turns out to be a new tenant. Nia saved his ass once, but every time he looks at her, he remembers the humiliation of that night.

When Jaz discovers Nia is being threatened, he needs to figure out how to leave the past truly where it belongs. If they can trust each other they might be able to make a home of their own for the holidays.


Reaching For Home is the 9th book in the Bloo Moose romantic suspense series. Each book can be read as a standalone. The book contains some strong language and sexy times. Enjoy.

This is the ninth book of the Bloo Moose series. The books are standalones.



Jemi Fraser writes romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After. Love is always worth the risk.

Jemi also writes about the way dementia has impacted her family. Love and humour go a long way to help everyone cope with the disease.

When she was four, Jemi threw an epic temper tantrum because she wanted her very own library card. It worked and Jemi’s been a bookworm ever since.

Before turning her hand to writing, Jemi spent a few decades teaching students to love each other, words and math. Yes, math!

Armed with a mug of tea and freshly-baked cookies, Jemi is living out her own HEA in beautiful Northern Ontario.





GENRE: Romantic Suspense

PUBLICATION DATE: November 12,2021


With a killer on the loose.

And his heart on the line.

Can evil be defeated and love survive?

An incident with one of her first-grade students brings back memories pregnant Molly Prince has tried to bury. Then creepy texts and sly innuendos from her husband's ex-girlfriend threaten to undo her control. With her life and the lives of her unborn twins on the line, can she trust Dylan's love to save them all? Or will she risk everything to protect her secrets?

Swan Harbor has had a Sheriff Prince for generations. But for the first time since he'd pinned on the star, Dylan is pulled into the middle of a serial killer case. And at home, his happy marriage is threatened when his pregnant wife begins keeping secrets. When the law bumps up against love, will the choice he makes be one he can live with?

Captain Jack is facing the consequences of decisions made in his past. He's being confronted with the possibility that his happy ending might not be what he'd planned. Will he embrace the journey laid out in front of him or attempt to forge a new path?

Join Molly, Dylan, Captain Jack, and the rest of Swan Harbor, as their happiness is threatened by disturbing forces. Will evil win, or will they fight for their dreams to become their reality?

Welcome to Swan Harbor

The Innocence of Loveis Book Ten in the Swan Harbor: A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Series. Each novel stands alone with a guaranteed happy ending, but threads from secondary stories weave throughout. Grab a chair, open your book, and come meet my friends.


Sophie Bartow is married and a mother of four who has spent the last 30+ years as a Speech/Language Pathologist working with adult post-stroke patients. Now that her youngest (twin girls) are freshmen in college, she set out on a new journey. With a love for books that have complex characters, romance, and a touch of mystery, she strives to include those in all her stories. So, grab a chair and come meet her friends in Swan Harbor, Maine.




GENRE: Contemporary Romance

PUBLICATION DATE: November 16, 2021


Take one lavish holiday wedding. Add one evil ex and his bridezilla. And toss in a smoking-hot chef from the past. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Victoria Blackwood has spent years trying to redeem herself after falling victim to a blackmail scheme that cost her father thousands. So, when he insists she coordinate a big Christmas wedding at her family’s winery, she can’t say no. Even if the groom is her ex, and the caterer just quit.

For Rafael Sanchez, a last-minute call to cater a huge society wedding is a golden opportunity. If he can prove he’s up to the challenge, his brothers might entrust him with more responsibility in the family catering business. But when he meets Victoria, he can’t believe his eyes. Five years ago, they had a passionate fling that rocked his world. Until she left him with only a fake name to remember her by.

To pull off the perfect wedding, Victoria and Rafael can’t afford to get caught up in the past. But keeping things professional won’t be easy, not when the attraction between them burns hotter than Christmas in July.


Carla Luna writes contemporary romance with a dollop of humor and a pinch of spice. A former archaeologist, she still dreams of traveling to far-off places and channels that wanderlust into the settings of her stories.

When she's not writing, she works in a spice emporium where she gets paid to discuss food and share her favorite recipes. Her passions include Broadway musicals, baking, whimsical office supplies, and pop culture podcasts. Though she has roots in Los Angeles and Victoria, B.C., she currently resides in Wisconsin with her family and her feisty Siberian cat.






GENRE: Contemporary romance

PUBLICATION DATE: December 1, 2021


The only case they haven't cracked is how to be together. Not on Officer Maggie Kyle’s Christmas bingo card:

• A homemade bomb in a bus station locker.

• A child, the prime suspect in the bombing.

• Her partner of ten years abandoning her to solve the case on her own.

Max St. James might be the worst cop in the world—or at least in Toronto:

• He fell in love with his partner.

• He’s the reason she never became a detective.

• He doesn’t much care who planted the bomb.

The IED’s blast ignites years of tension, sending Maggie and Max careening in opposite directions—but opposites still attract.

Can they find a way to come together to solve the case before another bomb goes off?

And will it mean another ten years sacrificing the future they want for the partnership they already have?


GENRE: Romantic Suspense

PUBLICATION DATE: December 3, 2021


Medically discharged from the Rangers after an accident leaves him blinded in one eye, sniper Drew Murphy has no idea what he’s going to do with the rest of his life. When an old colleague approaches him with a proposal to infiltrate an outlaw motorcycle gang, he’s intrigued enough to say yes.

ATF agent Liane Hagerty has spent a year undercover running a roadhouse in northern Idaho and trying to figure out just what it is that the Pure Brethren are smuggling over the Canadian border. The last thing she needs is an untrained idiot who’s not even a federal agent blundering about, risking her cover. But Drew’s got an in with the gang she’ll never have; his cousin was a member. Can she trust him? And together, can they figure out how to stop the gang… before the body count mounts any higher?

RANGER’S MISSION continues the electric, highly acclaimed RESCUE RANGERS military romantic suspense series!


Caitlyn Lynch is an Australian mother of two who has always enjoyed reading and writing romantic fiction. Happily married to her very own tall, dark and handsome for 14 years and counting, she draws on a rich imagination to create new scenarios for her steamy contemporary romances.

A USA Today bestselling author, she was twice selected as a finalist for Romance Writers Australia competitions in 2017.





GENRE: Contemporary Romance

TROPES: A Small Town, Friends to Lovers, Second Chance at Love Christmas Romance

RELEASE DATE: December 7, 2021


Kelsie and Reese have been friends since high school. But for Reese, his biggest regret is letting Kelsie walk away without telling her his true feelings. But now Kelsie’s back and he has one last shot at happiness. But will Kelsie feel the same way? Will there be a Christmas miracle? Find out in All I Ever Wanted.


Stacy Kristen is an indie author who writes erotic romance and romantic suspense novellas with HEAs for readers who just want a short, steamy read. She's an avid reader of romance and enjoys baking, drinking lots of caffeine, traveling, and laughing at the squirrels in her backyard.




GENRE: New Adult / College romance

PUBLICATION DATE: December 7, 2021


Personal and professional goals intersect in this sports romance by author Michele Lenard.

The world sees a millionaire playboy, but she sees me. How can my total opposite read me better than I read defenses?

Colt – Life tackled me when I wasn’t looking. One minute I’m in the zone, preparing for what I hope will be another winning season. The next I’m struggling to keep my focus on the game instead of the prim and proper beauty my agent hired to help me plan for life after football. Usually women flock to me, but this one I have to chase, and I can tell she won’t be easy to win. That doesn’t scare me. It terrifies me. I’ve disappointed every woman I’ve ever known by putting the game first, and now that I found something I want more than another ring, I’m not sure I’m man enough to win off the field.

Samantha – I’m no stranger to overbearing men. In my line of work they come with the territory, and I’ve been around long enough to hold my own. That’s why the cocky football player with a reputation for scoring on and off the field is such a surprise. On the surface he’s the kind of guy who could ruin my credibility, but when he sets his focus on me, he lets me see the person behind the persona, and it’s someone I respect. Like even. I swore never to mix business with pleasure, but the perfectly imperfect ball player is hard to resist, which begs the question; is he worth breaking my one and only rule?

Thoroughly Innocent Intent is written as book five in the Mile High Romance Collection, though it can be read as a stand-alone. It contains a lovably flawed athlete and a sheltered businesswoman with a heart of gold, as well as a colorful cast of characters who help these two opposites find common ground.


Burying my nose in a book is one of my favorite pastimes!

While I love everything from suspense to fantasy, chick-lit to historical fiction, my go-to genre is romance. However, I had trouble finding stories that gave equal weight to both the emotional and physical aspects of the relationship.

I like steamy stories, but I like the steam to be accompanied by emotion, not just lust.

Though a handful of authors have achieved this balance, more often than not I find that stories give more weight to either the emotional component or the sexual component.

I’d like to fill this void with romances that are both sweet and steamy, transporting readers into the mind of my characters so that you fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other.

Emotional transportation is a term used to describe one’s ability to “transport” oneself into another’s shoes, as readers often do. Emotional Transportation sums up what reading means to me. I love when a book doesn’t just entertain, but imprints itself on me in some way. I hope my books have that effect on you.




GENRE: Romantic suspense

RELEASE DATE: December 9, 2021


All Sona Singh has ever wanted was a family of her own.

Abandoned as a baby, raised in an orphanage, she wants roots. But all she has is a grumpy cat.

It takes an accidental meeting with a woman who looks just like her, to show Sona that she is the long-lost princess of Nagaur.

All Maj. Samar Deshmukh has ever wanted was to forget his past.

He wants to break free of the memories that still hold him prisoner.

As CEO of The Royal Guard, the last thing he needs is to babysit a newly-minted princess. Especially one with a man-eating cat.

In the incomprehensible world of snooty royals and their stuffy protocol, Samar is Sona’s only link to reality. And safety. For someone is trying to kill her.

Even as she falls head over heels in lust with the surly ex-commando, she discovers that his demons won’t allow him give in to his feelings for her. How can she compete with the love of his life whom he lost in a tragic terror attack?

Samar has already lost one love. And it was all his fault. How can he allow himself to fall for this brave and beautiful woman who deserves so much better?

Can Samar keep Sona safe, or will history repeat itself?


Kyra Seth is a Mumbai-based writer who juggles writing, motherhood, and a very demanding day job.

Her books are steamy, funny and packed with action and suspense.

His Accidental Princess is her first book.

She loves to connect with her readers, so feel free to reach out to her on social media.



GENRE: Small Town Romance



Phoenix(Nix)Adams, the outcast of the small town of Fredericksburg, TX. She has been divorced from the golden boy for a couple years. After his football career plummeted and he turned to drugs. The whole town frowns upon her for not sticking by his side. She tried but she is only human and he pushed her past her limits. Nix has been keeping her head down and minding her business. Her best friend Amanda is the one person who has not turned her back on her. When Amanda gets pregnant Nix works Amanda's horse for her but when Amanda's cousin comes into town for a fresh start.

What will Draxen Jones do to her world?


Sweet but Spicy Romance Author

Annalynn Nicole is married to her high school sweetheart and is a mother to two autistic sons. We do things outside of the box but it works for us. She has always had a love for reading. Especially if the plot has unexpected twists and turns. In the spring of 2021 Annalynn Nicole decided to give writing a chance. Annalynn Nicole writes steamy taboo mafia romance books and sweet but spicy small town romance books who will make you fall in love.



GENRE: Comtemporary Romance

PUBLICATION DATE: December 20, 2021


Shh… it’s a secret.

Was it a lapse in judgment or cosmic intervention?

Nic and Kaylee shared an epic one-night stand. We’re talking up against the wall, ice cubes, genie in a bottle, epic.

Now they’re forced to spend a week together at his sister’s wedding. How are they going to keep a lid on their physical attraction? The hardwood floors are buckling beneath them as he gives her a simple whispering kiss across the swell of her lips. Neither can breathe before Nic walks away.

Soon, they’re both catching feelings, but Nic Mancini doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. He’s hot—pick your tongue up off the floor hot. He’s a television sports announcer with the world at his feet. However, Nic has a secret too painful to reveal and an ex-girlfriend who haunts him.

Kaylee’s a wannabe fashion designer working in a couture boutique. She’s everyone’s “go-to girl” because she would give you the clothes off her back. Still reeling from her ex’s betrayal, she knows it’s a risk, taking the leap with commitment-phobe Nic, but it’s one worth taking.

That is, until photos leak of Nic, shattering her trust and breaking her not yet mended heart. Then, when she confronts him, his heart rips once again as his secret erupts from the depths of his throat, leaving Kaylee confounded.

Nic says, “Kaylee, I’ll give you what you want tonight, but tomorrow, I’m walking away…for good.”

The problem is, he loves her.


Kristin Lee writes romance novels that include the four S’s

Steamy * Sexy * Sometimes Sweet * Slow Burn

Her books will feature forbidden, second chance, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and protective heroes as well as alpha men. Some of her leading ladies will be sassy, sweet, bossy, bitchy, shy, and geeky. We all have different personalities, shapes ,and sizes, so her romance novels will too.



Which one are you buying or adding to your TBR?

Marlyn Love is a vibrant author who writes adult, heartfelt, sexy, contemporary romance stories. Her debut novel, Simply Irresistible, came out on September 10th, 2021. And readers love it.

The Irresistible book series contain simply page turning books with sometimes twists you didn't expect, but always a HEA.

Marlyn writes from her home in the Netherlands. The country of mills, tulips, and the state that has more bicycles than citizens. When her mind and body need to release energy, she loves to hit the gym for a good workout. To fuel her energy, she enjoys eating a typical Dutch snack—a slice of brown bread with butter, topped with a layer of chocolate sprinkles.



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