It's the month of Love and Romance, and the weekend before Valentine's Day

As a tribute to love, I've made this special Valentine Romance book blog for all of you romance book lovers.

And what makes it extra special is the fact that all the romance books featured on this post are on sale for nothing more then.


Yes, I know, it's Amazing.

Along with the book cover, you’ll be able to read the book blurb, and have easily accessible links for more info.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself the ultimate valentine gift, by acquiring and stocking your library with these amazing romance deals.





GENRE: Contemporary Romance

SALE: $0.99

from 12 to 14 February.


Being a single mom and building her own baking company hasn't been easy for Emma Campbell, but she wouldn't change any of it. She's happy and too busy trying to expand the business to complicate her life with dates that don't give her anything but headaches.

After being traumatized by love, she’s terrified of being hurt again. She’s set to safeguard her family from pain. Especially since her daughter's heart is at stake, too. However, when sexy millionaire Nick Brown comes into her life, her reluctance falters. How can she resist a man whose simple glance makes her melt like chocolate on a summer day?

* * *

To the Boston press and the female population, Nick Brown is nothing but a single, successful, handsome walking bank account. They don't want to look beyond the appearances, and he’s tired of all this superficiality surrounding him.

After being burned by his latest relationship, he is at the point of giving up. But that is when fate places single mom, Emma Campbell and her six-year-old daughter in his path.

Their instant connection surprises all but with fate playing a wicked game of truth and dare. Will they be strong enough to survive the test of time and challenging circumstances, or will it damage them beyond repair?


GENRE: Contemporary romance


Healing after a tragedy is hard enough. Doing it when you’re haunted by past betrayal and so many things left unsaid?

Feels nearly hopeless.

Is it impossible to come back from so much anguish and all the regrets? Can you ever truly mend your heart and move on?

Or are Penelope and Linc destined for a life of punishment and pain?

They're about to find out whether the line between love and hate is clear. And if moving on after loss and the sting of deception is even possible.


Genre: Cowboy Romance



He's big, he's rough, and he's determined to rein her in.

When Megan Newman took a job shoeing horses at the Hammer and Nails ranch for a no-nonsense, muscled cowboy named Brad Hillman, she didn't expect to be over his knee for disregarding basic safety precautions. In spite of the embarrassing spanking, she find herself drawn to the tough, old-fashioned hunky man, and she's pretty sure the attraction is mutual.

But there's a catch.

She's fallen in love with a mare that needs rescuing from a terrible owner, a woman who is married to a man it's unwise to cross. Though Brad warns her to steer clear, Megan finds it impossible. The horse needs her, and she's determined to save the precious equine and give her a forever home.

Publisher's Note: Rough Cowboy includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



After fighting to keep her sailboat in a bitter divorce, Mia embraces her dream to sail the South Pacific alone. Until handsome stranger Jonas drops anchor beside her.

Everything was fine; maybe my boat was a little more tired than I thought, and maybe it’s a touch lonely this far from my family. But that’s just part of sailing.

Then, on a remote tropical atoll, another boat drops anchor next to me.

It’s gorgeous, and so is the captain.

Jonas shows me everything that this sailing life could be—watching sunsets, snorkeling reefs, and enjoying camaraderie with his crew.

A sizzling kiss sparks two blissful weeks of passion, but he’s heading to New Zealand, and my little sailboat has to stay in the gentle waters of Tahiti.

There’s no way I’d give up my boat—she’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

But can I give up Jonas?

The Sailor in Polynesia features an American sailor, the Norwegian captain next door, and the forced proximity of a sailboat. Full of adventure and slow-burn steam, this standalone will take you on an adventure in the islands with plenty of pining between these two travelers.

The second in the Love and Wanderlust series, The Sailor in Polynesia is a standalone contemporary romance for everyone who wants their wanderlust to continue into the happily-ever-after.


Genre: Contemporary Romance



Five years ago, Alexandria and Eden were thriving in the moment, falling fast and loving deeply. But when Eden broke Alexandria’s heart, she had to figure out how to carry on alone.

She created a life and family for herself. Alexandria never expected to see Eden again, but then they run into each other—literally—and sparks fly. Alexandria thought it would be nothing, until she couldn’t forget the way it felt to be near her again. With Alexandria’s new life and Eden’s fiancée waiting for her, they shouldn’t be thinking about each other, but when they keep running into each other, they can’t ignore the signs any longer.

So many things have changed in the last five years, but have their feelings?

Electric Love is a second chance, HEA, a small town romance, with no cheating. Which is told through jumps in time from the past to the present.


Genre: Contemporary romance



Sloane used to believe in love.

This was before the only guy she'd ever loved crushed her—on Valentine's Day. Now, her days consist of work, college essays, ignoring the heartache, and repeat. She doesn’t know if love truly exists anymore—and she isn’t sure she wants to find out.

So when Hudson and his friends keep showing up at her job, sitting in her section of the restaurant, and flirting with her, she finds herself growing more and more irritated. He’s everything she never wanted. She wants nothing to do with him and she makes sure he knows that.

But Hudson can't seem to be shaken. He wants to know her. He wants to figure her out. And so far, he's seen glimpses into her.

Sloane doesn't want to let Hudson too close but maybe she won't have a choice. Maybe he has already found his way in. And maybe he's everything she ever needed.


Which one are you adding to your bookshelf?

Marlyn Love is a vibrant author who writes adult, heartfelt, sexy, contemporary romance stories. Her debut novel, Simply Irresistible, came out on September 10th, 2021. And readers love it. Next up is the second Irresistible Novel. A sizzling, opposites attract, grumpy sunshine, unexpected parenthood, romantic suspense novel, coming out April 5th, 2022.

The Irresistible book series contain simply page turning books with sometimes twists you didn't expect, but always a HEA.

Marlyn writes from her home in the Netherlands. The country of mills, tulips, and the state that has more bicycles than citizens. When her mind and body need to release energy, she loves to hit the gym for a good workout. To fuel her energy, she enjoys eating a typical Dutch snack—a slice of brown bread with butter, topped with a layer of chocolate sprinkles.



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